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Jade and Althea (The Rich Man's Daughter)
Are you, perhaps, in want of a solid soap opera with queer female characters who have a lot of feelings and potentially about each other? WELL THEN. May I humbly suggest checking out this little soap opera, the first prime time Filipino show to feature a lesbian couple, The Rich Man’s Daughter? I mean, I do, I do humbly suggest it.
Please, join me in spiraling into this delicious soapy drama. Let me introduce you to your new favorite ship:
Jade is the only daughter and favorite child of the Tanchingcos, a prominent Chinese Filipino family that’s firmly rooted in tradition. Likes: her family (especially her grandmother), dancing, traveling, and maybe Althea. Dislikes: heights.

Althea is the wedding planner for Jade’s brother, Gabe, and his fiance, Pearl. Likes: dressing up, her dog, her father, heights, and Jade. Dislikes: abandonment and betrayal.

Jade and Althea first lock eyes during Gabe and Pearl’s wedding, when Jade is walking down the aisle as part of the wedding procession. They both immediately feel a connection. Later, they have a series of run-ins that escalate into friendship that escalates into something more complicated. Jade is set to marry David, a member of another prominent Chinese Filipino family, and their eventual marriage is foretold to bring great fortune to both families. David, as far as I can tell, enjoys being a Nice Guy and looking worried while wearing collared shirts.
This may sound familiar, and that’s because The Rich Man’s Daughter is basically the TV offspring of Imagine Me & You and I Can’t Think Straight. It has everything: a fraught dinner invitation initiated by a somewhat clueless boyfriend, an extended dance break, Really Significant Hand-Touching, an engagement that must go on, tense family politics, declarations of attraction amidst spontaneous confetti showers, and, of course, several lovers’ theme songs that are incongruous with the rest of the soundtrack and play twice as loud as any other music cue. At one point, the line, “Love is an unstoppable force” is uttered. It is a buffet of tropes. A rompery of queer rom-com and angst-fest cliches. Plus, y’all, their chemistry is amazing. They are a study in smittenhood:
HOW CUTE IS THAT? Remember, though, this is a good ol’ fashioned soap opera, so there’s plenty at stake that moves very quickly. The Tanchingcos are a traditional, patriarchal family, one that’s very concerned with saving face. Disobedience — such as having an unapproved relationship, especially a queer one — will certainly be met with shame and familial dishonor, if not disownment. (Here’s a spoileriffic breakdown of how this particular family stacks up against other families.) Jade’s other brother, Paul, nurses a grudge against her and expositionally threatens to ruin her whenever he gets a chance. Meanwhile, Jade still feels this connection to Althea! What does it all mean? How will she reconcile it with her family? Why is she making the choices she is making?!?

Glaiza de Castro and Rhian Ramos

If you’re not enticed yet, know that I watched every episode so far in a 48-hour span, and I had to pause multiple times in order to yell “OH MY GOD” out loud to my empty room. It inspires that many feelings. Please, if nothing else, go have a watch (a kind soul has uploaded all the episodes so far with English subtitles) and come back here to yell with me about how over-the-top it is.

You will have to register for a free trial to access the videos. We know this is a huge inconvenience to some and we do apologize but this is the only way to keep the videos up for extended amounts of time the videos are copyrighted material. Once you register, check your email to confirm and you will receive details on how to log in and access the videos. If you do not receive an email with the link to access the videos, contact us

(Tip: Cinematrix is a paid membership service but has a free trial period so try to watch all the videos as quickly as possible and cancel your membership when finished.)
Sarah Nile & Veronica Ciardi (Grande Fratello)

Sarah Nile & Veronica Ciardi (Grande Fratello 2010)

"Il Sogno." Sempre per sempre.
"The Dream." Always and forever.

Veronica Ciardi & Sarah Nile

Who? Yeah you may not remember them or even know them at all since their love story started over 5 years ago (2010) on an Italian version of Big Brother called "Grande Fratello." So if you've heard of the show, you know how it works. Some people are put in a house together and slowly get voted off. Yada, yada, yada... 

Well these two gorgeous women meet in the house and fall madly in love with one another. The thing is they try to hide it and deny it at first. Calling it something other than love but viewers of the show can clearly see they are in love with each other. They even admit it a few times during the show. Their story is really a beautiful thing to watch. It's almost heartbreaking because they love each other so much but the pressure of a homophobic society seems to keep them from really diving into their "dream" love. During the show they refer to their love as "Il Sogno" which translates to "The Dream." Which is romantic but also quite sad because they feel that their love can only exist in a dreamworld. But the dreamworld that they create in the house, especially the parts that we get to see are very endearing. Their love story in the house only lasts about 1 -2 months, the time period in which they were both in the house together but there are MANY, MANY memorable moments in that time period. The great thing about Big Brother (Grande Fratello) is that you can watch live streams of the cast members too even when the show is off air so there are literally hundreds of videos.

It took awhile but we've managed to sort through them all and have them translated so we can share their beautiful story with the world. There's nothing like seeing love blossom between two people, especially when they aren't acting.

If you would like to watch Sarah and Veronica full story with English subtitles, please check the sidebar under "Access Videos"

So fast forward to 2015, now, and "Il Sogno" fans are still wanting to know are these two ladies a couple or not. There are some videos of them circulating the web together after they got out of the house where they look really cozy together but they never admit to being anything more than friends but there are rumors that they have been on and off throughout the years.

Video of them from March  2014

They recently had an event in Naples on May 9th and we have uploaded the footage of them. Now you tell us if you think they are a couple or not!

You will have to pay a $10 fee via Paypal to access the videos. (Check the sidebar, under "Access Videos") We know this is a huge inconvenience to some and we do apologize but this is the only way to keep the videos up for extended amounts of time. Once you pay, check your email to confirm and you will receive details on how to access the videos. If you do not receive an email with the link to access the videos, contact us @

Watch Anni & Jasmin December 2014 episodes

Nothing much of note happens with Jasmin and Anni in December's episodes. Everyone is focused on the tragedy that happened in the previous month.

Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

Below is a breakdown of December 2014's episodes.

December 2014
-December 1, 2014- 3:41
-December 2, 2014- 4:25
-December 3, 2014- 4:52
-December 4, 2014- 20:33
-December 5, 2014- 7:29
-December 23, 2014- 1:03

Watch Anni & Jasmin November 2014 episodes

Jasmin and Anni's friends celebrate Anni's birthday. Jasmin tries to help Anni embrace and use her talent but Anni resists. Anni and Jasmin quarrel a bit in this series of episodes because of Anni's reluctance and Jasmin's persistence.
Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

Aside from that, another tragedy involving a friend happens. Below is a breakdown of November 2014's episodes.

November 2014
-November 4, 2014- 0:56
-November 5, 2014- 10:22
-November 6, 2014- 6:34
-November 7, 2014- 6:10
-November 10, 2014- 5:06
-November 12, 2014- 7:39
-November 13, 2014- 5:00
-November 17, 2014- 0:58
-November 18, 2014- 11:20
-November 19, 2014- 9:21
-November 20, 2014- 8:00
-November 21, 2014- 14.34
-November 24, 2014- 3:46
-November 25, 2014- 14:17
-November 26, 2014- 12:19
-November 27, 2014- 12:53

Watch Anni & Jasmin October 2014 episodes

Anni struggles to deal  with Jasmin's new profession which causes Jasmin to reconsider. Jasmin and friends try to convince Anni to use her talent for singing and song writing.
Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

There is of course other drama with Jasmin and Anni's friends which take up a decent amount of time in Octobers episodes. Below is a breakdown of October 2014 episodes.


October 2014
-October 1, 2014- 8:00
-October 2, 2014- 5:38
-October 6, 2014- 3:19
-October 7, 2014- 8:23
-October 8, 2014- 14:00
-October 10, 2014- 3:43
-October 13, 2014- 3:03
-October 14, 2014- 1:24
-October 15, 2014- 10:08
-October 16, 2014- 1:46
-October 17, 2014- 8:40
-October 20, 2014- 7:12
-October 21, 2014- 22:18
-October 23, 2014- 9:50
-October 27, 2014- 3:31
-October 29, 2014- 12:29
-October 30, 2014- 2:37

Watch Anni & Jasmin September 2014 episodes

Anni tries to help Jasmin decide what her life "plans" are. While discovering herself Jasmin finds herself in a very fortunate job position that may possibly jeopardize her new found relationship with Anni.

Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

A lot of this months episodes focus on the lives of Anni and Jasmin's friends. Below is a breakdown of September 2014 episodes.

September 2014
-September 1, 2014- 7:22
-September 3, 2014- 4:01
-September 4, 2014- 0:40
-September 5, 2014- 1:02
-September 8, 2014- 1:09
-September 10, 2014- 9:13
-September 11, 2014- 8:29
-September 12, 2014- 8:55
-September 15, 2014- 5:20
-September 16, 2014- 1:41
-September 18, 2014- 6:32
-September 19, 2014- 5:46
-September 22, 2014- 3:21
-September 23, .2014- 3:08
-September 24, 2014- 4:21
-September 25, 2104- 1:57
-September 26, 2014- 1:20
-September 29, 2014- 4:15
-September 30, 2014- 8:12

Watch Anni & Jasmin August 2014 episodes

Anni gets invited to her fathers birthday celebration by her mother but she doesn't want to go. Jasmin convinces her to go and travels with her to meet Anni's parents and see her father that she hasn't seen in years.
Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

Jasmin and Anni also help their friends and family with some of the problems they are experiencing. Below is a breakdown of August 2014 episodes.

August 2014
-August 1, 2014- 6:57
-August 4, 2014- 2:38
-August 5, 2014- 2:00
-August 6, 2014- 4:23
-August 8, 2014- 4:05
-August 13, 2014- 2:49
-August 14, 2014- 6:51
-August 15, 2014- 9:08
-August 18, 2014- 6:12
-August 19, 2014- 6:42
-August 22, 2014- 9:40
-August 25, 2014- 6:13
-August 26, 2014- 4:28
-August 28, 2014- 6:27
-August 29, 2014- 9:03

Watch Anni & Jasmin July 2014 episodes

Jasmin returns from California after getting her divorce from Kurt and finds Anni back but Anni has a new girl. Jasmin realizes she loves Anni and finally tells her but Anni is no longer interested and is considering leaving to live in Barcelona for good.
Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy
Watch Anni & Jasmin June 2014 episodes

Nothing much of note happens during this month. Jasmin is out of town divorcing her husband and Anni went away to Barcelona to get her mind off Jasmin. Anni returns near the end of the month to find one of her friends was hospitalized.

Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

There are only two episodes in this month's Jasmin and Anni arsenal. Below is a breakdown of June 2014's episodes.

June 2014
-June 27, 2014- 8:00
-June 30, 2014- 4:37

Watch Anni & Jasmin May 2014 episodes

Anni is really enjoying all the time she has with Jasmin but Jasmin is starting to pull away. Jealousy, love and confusion it's all a big mess in this month's episodes. Anni and Jasmin both do things they regret in this series of episodes. Will Anni leave for Barcelona now?

Anni & Jasmin - All Girl Fantasy

Anni may have gotten herself into more trouble than she can handle with Jasmin. Jasmin may have pushed Anni away forever. Below you can find a breakdown of May 2014's episodes.

May 2014
-May 2, 2014- 7:16
-May 5, 2014- 6:32
-May 7, 2014- 0:31
-May 9, 2014- 1:20
-May 12, 2014- 8:29
-May 13, 2014- 8:20
-May 14, 2014- 1:44
-May 15, 2014- 2:55
-May 16, .2014- 7:03
-May 19, 2014- 12:12
-May 20, 2014- 5:47
-May 21, 2014- 7:04
-May 22, 2014- 7:14
-May 26, 2014- 1:03
-May 27, 2014- 3:29
-May 28, 2014- 3:24
-May 30, 2014- 5:07