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Sarah Nile & Veronica Ciardi (Grande Fratello 2010)

"Il Sogno." Sempre per sempre.
"The Dream." Always and forever.

Veronica Ciardi & Sarah Nile

Who? Yeah you may not remember them or even know them at all since their love story started over 5 years ago (2010) on an Italian version of Big Brother called "Grande Fratello." So if you've heard of the show, you know how it works. Some people are put in a house together and slowly get voted off. Yada, yada, yada... 

Well these two gorgeous women meet in the house and fall madly in love with one another. The thing is they try to hide it and deny it at first. Calling it something other than love but viewers of the show can clearly see they are in love with each other. They even admit it a few times during the show. Their story is really a beautiful thing to watch. It's almost heartbreaking because they love each other so much but the pressure of a homophobic society seems to keep them from really diving into their "dream" love. During the show they refer to their love as "Il Sogno" which translates to "The Dream." Which is romantic but also quite sad because they feel that their love can only exist in a dreamworld. But the dreamworld that they create in the house, especially the parts that we get to see are very endearing. Their love story in the house only lasts about 1 -2 months, the time period in which they were both in the house together but there are MANY, MANY memorable moments in that time period. The great thing about Big Brother (Grande Fratello) is that you can watch live streams of the cast members too even when the show is off air so there are literally hundreds of videos.

It took awhile but we've managed to sort through them all and have them translated so we can share their beautiful story with the world. There's nothing like seeing love blossom between two people, especially when they aren't acting.

If you would like to watch Sarah and Veronica full story with English subtitles, please check the sidebar under "Access Videos"

So fast forward to 2015, now, and "Il Sogno" fans are still wanting to know are these two ladies a couple or not. There are some videos of them circulating the web together after they got out of the house where they look really cozy together but they never admit to being anything more than friends but there are rumors that they have been on and off throughout the years.

Video of them from March  2014

They recently had an event in Naples on May 9th and we have uploaded the footage of them. Now you tell us if you think they are a couple or not!

You will have to pay a $10 fee via Paypal to access the videos. (Check the sidebar, under "Access Videos") We know this is a huge inconvenience to some and we do apologize but this is the only way to keep the videos up for extended amounts of time. Once you pay, check your email to confirm and you will receive details on how to access the videos. If you do not receive an email with the link to access the videos, contact us @ allgirlfantasy2014@gmail.com.

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