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About All Girl Fantasy
Are you ready to explore your All Girl Fantasy? Well look no further! We are here to help. The intention behind us creating this blog was for one sole reason: to provide other lesbians a one place stop to explore lesbian related media (movies, tv shows, web series, etc.,) As lesbians ourselves, we know the struggle of finding media that caters to our lesbian entertainment needs. We have since broadened our horizons here and will be including so much more than just a place to find your favorite lesbian movies and tv shows. As our blog name suggests, we intend to provide any information, news, and entertainment that encompasses the lesbian all girl fantasy. Unfortunately most searches regarding the word lesbian ultimately leads you to a porn related site so we intend to provide a less adult rated option for your lesbian related queries.

As you can probably guess, this blog is operated by lesbians and other women who appreciate the same sex. There are only a few of us at the moment to keep the site updated so we ask that you please bear with us as it takes time to sort through the multitudes of lesbian content we come across to find content we deem worthy enough to fit into our all girl fantasy theme. Since we also have jobs and lives (yes we do other things besides blog lol), we have a limited amount of time to dedicate to this blog so we will gladly accept user submitted content. If you have any appropriate content that you would like us to post, contact us here. Although this blog is made to cater to lesbians, we do not discriminate, and all genders and sexual orientations are welcome.

Additional information:

    1)     As we do not want to violate any copyright infringement rules (we do not want to go to jail over blogging lol,) we will not be hosting or uploading any video related content. All video related media referenced on this blog exists on other 3rd party sites. We only intend to provide links and easier accessibility for our visitors. 

    2)     This is by no means a porn related blog. Although we provide some images/ gifs bordering on pornographic, this is not the sole intention of the blog. Please do not submit porn related material or post any links to porn sites.

   3)     We love you (just in case no one told you today.) We love that you’re on our blog wanting to know more about us and we promise to provide you the best user experience that we possibly can. 

Thank you for visiting All Girl Fantasy. Please let all of your lesbian loving friends know about us.